The objectives of our association are the following:

a) supporting initiatives and starting activities aimed at the development of Translation and Interpretation Studies and of the Arabic Language and Culture.

b) implementing and promoting events, alliances and agreements with other public and private institutions that are related to our field of studies.

c) taking action to improve the educational, professional and research conditions in our domain: creating jobs and paid internships, promoting research and innovation in our field of work and studies and strengthening the links between the members of our community.

d) Promoting European values, languages and cultures in education within and beyond the borders of the EU.

e) Promoting values, languages and cultures of the Arabic Islamic world within and beyond the borders of the EU.

In order to achieve them we will do the following:

Organise and conduct trainings, workshops, conferences, symposia.

Organise extra-curricular activities, within and without the University.

Organise cultural and sporting events.

Offer scholarships for students, researchers and professionals.

Discover, help and promote talented individuals.

Publish and/or finance the publication of books, magazines, newsletters and articles.

Support and promote scientific initiatives.

Organise travels, meetings, excursions.

Organise and promote volunteering activities.

Develop cooperation and working partnerships with other public and private organizations and institutions.

Promote activities that benefit people with disabilities.


Support other non-governmental organizations.

Support local initiatives.

Create mechanisms for the cooperation between local governments and NGOs and local communities.

Organise trainings sessions for academics and Faculty.