EPATIA is an acronym for “Egresados, Profesores y Alumnos de Traducción e Interpretación de Árabe de la Universidad de Granada”

(Alumni, Professors and Students of Arabic Translation and Interpreting of the University of Granada)

Our goal is to support initiatives and to develop activities aimed at the development of Translation and Interpretation Studies and of the Arabic Language and Culture. We intend to implement and promote events, alliances and agreements with other public and private institutions that are related to our field of studies as well as take action to improve the educational, professional and research conditions in our domain: creating jobs and paid internships, promoting research and innovation in our field of work and studies and strengthening the links between the members of our community. 

In addition, our association pursues the following objectives:
– Promoting European values, languages and cultures in education within and beyond the borders of the EU;
– Promoting values, languages and cultures of the Arabic Islamic world within and beyond the borders of the EU.

Evolution of the association

Back in 1979,

when the role of translation and interpreting was not yet as recognized as it is today, the University of Granada was ahead of its time and a pioneer in developing Translation and Interpreting Studies. In the academic year 2002/2003 it started offering the Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting with Arabic as the main foreign language.

At present

The University of Granada remains the only one in Spain to offer the opportunity to undertaking these studies with said specialisation.
At present the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Granada offers the following programmes:
– BA in Translation and Interpreting, specialization in Arabic as the main foreign language;
– Master’s degree in Interpreting for Conferences (MUIC);
– Master’s degree in Professional Translation.

The last 20 years

During the last 20 years around 900 students have studied in the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting. Throughout their years of academic growth, they have become translators and interpreters with Arabic as their main language.

Hence, by the end of their studies, these graduates, postgraduates and PhDs have acquired professional skills, proofreading abilities and proficiency in the use of digital tools for translation that allow them to work in publishing houses, multinational companies, national and international institutions and in other fields related to languages and intercultural communication.

Our association EPATIA

aims to give the necessary and deserved recognition and visibility to all the alumni who have studied in this University and who are developing their professional careers all over the world by opening the way to new opportunities, promoting the importance of our job and reflecting the quality of the received education, to the teachers who have trained all these generations of translators and interpreters and, also, to accompany all the students and professionals of our field or of other fields related to ours who are interested in being connected with all of the synergies that will arise within our association.