Make a donation

EPATIA is a non-profit association. Our mission is to spread, promote and develop the work of Arabic translators and interpreters. We want to bring connection opportunities to the academic, working and entrepreneurial environments.

How can you make a donation?

Thank you very much for your interest in helping EPATIA.
You can make a donation via bank transfer with “Donación” as the payment description to EPATIA’s bank account which is:

Holder’s name: Asociación EPATIA

IBAN code: ES5700497001862810017649


People living outside the European Economic Area (EEA) may make a donation via Paypal to the account (selecting the option “Send money to family or friends” or paying the platform’s commissions). In these circumstances other paying method such as TransferWise are also accepted.

What happens when I make a donation?

You get a receipt that certifies your donation, which is tax-deductible.

Who will benefit from the donations?

The students of Arabic translation and interpreting

The professors and educational leaders that are specialized in the Arabic language and in translation and interpreting.

Society as a whole. Everybody will benefit from helping to better educate itizens and professionals that will put in practice the values the world needs in order to build a better professional and social future.

The professional translators and interpreters, especially those working with the Arabic language and all its dialectal varieties.