20 years’ path

The University of Granada in the only one in Spain that offers the possibility to study Translation and Interpreting with Arabic as the main foreign language. This program was first offered in the academic year 2002/2003, so 20 years have passed since its beginning. We think that it is about the right time to celebrate with an event where all the students, professors and professionals can:

– learn from the experiences and stories of some of the field-leading experts in Arabic translation and interpretation;
– take stock of all things learned and experienced during this time;
– exchange ideas and projects;
– reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of each stage;
– reate new links, research groups and projects that make our educational and professional situation better and more dynamic.
For this we have organised a pioneer international event called: “I ENCUENTRO INTERNACIONAL DE TRADUCCIÓN E INTERPRETACIÓN DE LENGUA ÁRABE: 20 años de trayectoria” (1st INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF ARABIC TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETING: a 20-year-long journey) that will be held between Monday 8th and Saturday 13th May 2023. Every day will revolve around a different topic related to the field of Arabic translation and interpreting. In the mornings, there will be a main conference followed by a roundtable and a debate. In the afternoons, we will hold workshops related to the day’s topic. Furthermore, on Friday there will be a closing act in the afternoon and a gala dinner in the evening. On Saturday there will be a cultural event where flamenco, Arabic calligraphy, Arabic poetry and Andalusia-inspired fashion will intertwine.

All the national and international personalities that will participate are people with a long career and a well-established reputation in their professional field, as well as within the national and international community and those who are part of the domain of Arabic translation and interpreting.